Thursday, February 28, 2019

SURVIVING - New Order Apocalypse 3

Three decades into the apocalypse, two tough chicks battle to stay alive, somehow get involved in an altruistic, impossible dream.

New Order Apocalypse

Three decades since the Collapse, threat of starvation is at an apex. The vestiges of authority struggle to maintain basic order, have lost direction, and launch an unlikely candidate to propel the world's survivors forward.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Jennings Kid

Caitlin wants nothing more than to be invisible her senior year but the notoriety she earned killing vampires last summer bodes more adventure. Remnants of the revenir realignment continues to challenge her life expectancy. Her family crumbles like the worst soap opera cliché. The kith’s queen, a five thousand year old shape shifter, tags her to search for a loose ghoul and negotiating with a sociopathic ancient. Breaking her back wasn’t enough sacrifice or enough fodder for her clinical depression, she has to dodge a pack of bullies at her new school.

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Friday, December 7, 2018


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Liberated from prison seconds before her execution for murder, her career a shambles, she finds herself thrust into a new job, hunting real felons across the frontier, and piloting the fastest, most sophisticated craft in the galaxy. 

Thursday, December 6, 2018


First exploration outside the galaxy, the crew of the Kory Mae travel to the dark edge of the universe and a rogue solar system searching for the origin of a telepathic greeting. The two-year mission challenges the seventeen, each with dreams and hopes, relationships and baggage, lives placed on hold. Isolation and the physics of accelerating by the speed of light every quarter of a second will punish them. They confront their emotions, greed, politics, disease—and most surprising, arcane forces. on Amazon

L1060 Accord

Tyrants want Toni to pilot off the books. The government wants a mole. Spying isn’t her business but her unique position may make a difference in the galaxy. She rushes to bring together men of peace and shut down those with other goals. Amid the intrigue, she must determine if the man she’s falling in love with is one of the empire builders willing to eliminate her if she becomes a liability, or merely a pawn himself. Is his brother altruistic, or just another self-serving entrepreneur?

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